Why Do I Need a Buyers Agent to Purchase a Home?

Lets do this! This is the year to make my move… the interest rates are still low, great, now what? You browse thru Zillow on your lunch break or is Realtor.com better? You see a few homes that peak your interest. Hmmm. There are three agent profiles here and all look capable. You call one to request an appointment to view the home. Great start you say, baby steps right? Later on that evening, you jump back on, as if Zillow has replaced your compelling lure to Pinterest, already dreaming of new decor. Ohhhh, you spot another, although while on the phone with this agent, they state that the home is under contract already. Very strange, it says right here… Well, maybe a fluke and with a little frustration, off to bed.

At work the next day, you speak to co-workers that you are starting the process of looking for a new home. Your hear stories of both their ease and what an exciting time it was for them and also from others the nightmarish stories of how they almost didn’t close…that they were in a hotel for days and they are never doing that again… or at least not for a long time. Wow, what am I in for you think, better brace myself now.

You decided good fortune upon yourself and remember your “big why”. You jump back on Zillow and see more that had not shown up in last nights search. With anticipation, you spot a few good ones and think, would it be rude to call that agent back and add these last minute? Oh, and this one, could I even afford this one, hmmm, not really sure.

As a top producing Buyers Specialist in our Triangle Market, I take numerous calls every day with these buyers…very capable in decision making skills, motivation is high and ready for action. They lack the understanding of the value of a buyers specialist, the roles agents play in the game, real estate etiquette and best practices in the process of looking for and purchasing their new home. A savvy Buyers Specialist is a true educator, guiding the process from beginning to end. It’s seamless really.

Lets talk about the value of a Buyers Specialist and what they can do for you.

Does: Represent you at all times. Oops, did you speak about finances or motivation with the agent that you called to schedule the appointment with who may or may not be representing the seller. Hint: Ask up front…”Will you be representing me or the seller before we speak further?”

Does: Need to get to know all decision makers in the purchase and everyone’s needs. If its more than just you, your agent will want a relationship built with all parties to ensure a win-win. You may be project manager on this but, do not exclude your other half. Hint: If its possible use speaker phone with all decision makers present. We all want to be on the same page!

Does: Educate you on search resources and the inaccuracy of third party sources. Connecting you to the Triangle MLS. Hint: Our market moves quickly, syndication times to external websites are slower than the current pace of our market.

Does: Share market statistics, supply of inventory and current market trends. Hint: An experienced and sharp buyers agent can tell you off the cuff days on market trends for your search area.

This is the immediate value delivered on the first encounter with a buyers specialist, most likely a phone call. I will speak on the other countless benefits of utilizing a buyers specialist in future posts.

So…how do you go about choosing a Buyers Specialist? Stop, wait a minute but, I want to look at homes. Not so fast. Best practices state that you should select your better half first. Let’s say at your very favorite coffee shop interviewing 2-3 agents until you find the perfect match. The home will come. Let’s focus first on who will get you to the closing table with the fewest bumps along the way. No, worries this agent will be able to show you any home for sale, listed with their firm or not.

And a touch on etiquette before I conclude, stick with them! Do not call phone numbers off signs, if you see an interesting home on a Sunday drive, text your agent the address and have him/her deliver to you the information you would like to know. Oh and open houses, sure you can go without your agent, but at arrival, hand your agent’s business card to the hosting agent to clearly identify that you have representation.

We are here to help. We love looking at homes a much as you do and look forward to helping you find your next one!

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