Easy ​Tips for HVAC Maintenance

The HVAC system is one of the top 3 systems in your home that can cause a serious financial hit so taking care of it is obviously important. The list below is what you can do to keep your system running great.

  1. Check filters every month and switch dirty filters with new ones every three months. If you inspect the filter and one is dirty change it. Buying filters in bulk or using a company like www.filtereasy.com is a great way to keep filters on hand.
  2. Clean the coils. A half-bleach, half-water solution will effectively clean mildew build up. Be sure to turn your systems off before cleaning the indoor and outdoor coils. YouTube is a great resource for instruction.
  3. Pay attention to new sounds. New sounds typically indicate a change in operation and always worth investigating by a professional.
  4. Use a certified HVAC technician to review your system every years. Shop around and do your homework. Typically companies have yearly programs for less than $150.
Written by:

Chris Churchill, NC Licensed Home Inspector

919.812.9417 | www.churchillinspection.com