Five Ways to Prevent Package Theft

What comes after Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Package Theft Wednesday, the biggest day of the year for package thieves. But this holiday season. Here are some tips to make sure real-life Grinches don’t ruin your holiday season.

Sign up for Courier Alerts – If you know when packages are arriving, you can make provisions to be home and take them in before someone else grabs them. Couriers like FEDEX, UPS and the U.S. POSTAL SERVICE now have services that allow you to track your packages, so you know exactly when they’ll hit your front porch. All three also offer an app, which you can set to send you SMS alerts or notifications the minute a package is delivered.

Get a package tracking app – There are a number of package tracking apps for iPhones and Androids, but they all require you to enter tracking numbers to see a package’s status. SLICE is my favorite because it does all the work for you— it scans your Inbox for receipts and shipping notices from companies you’ve shopped from, and keeps track of what’s coming when without you having to lift a finger.

Get a security camera – Installing a home security system with cameras used to be a costly endeavor, but security cameras are easier and more affordable than ever. Point one at your front porch, and leave a big sign up that lets porch pirates know they’re on camera. Some, like the NETGEAR’S ARLO, are rated for outdoors and are completely wireless— perfect for mounting to the exterior of your home where you don’t have power. Others, like the NEST CAM or LOGITECH’S CIRCLE, need to be inside, but can easily be perched in a front-door window to keep an eye on the door.

Get a secure mailbox – My local UPS Store has secure mailboxes, and I have one that I use as my work address. During this time of year, however, I send a lot of personal packages there, since I know someone is there to receive them all day, and will keep them safe until I come get them. It’s a minor inconvenience for a major level of security, and the annual cost is, sadly, less than those stolen boots were (clearly, I’m not over it).

Talk to your neighbors – Your best defense against package theft is a tight-knit neighborhood that looks out for each other, so developing a bond with neighbors and keeping an eye around the neighborhood really makes a difference. NEXTDOOR is an app that creates a private social network for your neighborhood, where you can share information and communicate with one another about everything from borrowing a rake to reporting a suspicious person lurking about.

Have you ever had a package stolen? Tell us about it below…

Source: Carley Knobloch

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