What’s the Difference Between the Garner YMCA & the New Rec Center?

As the growth of Garner continues, and the opening of the downtown Garner Recreation Center grows near, many people are asking what is the difference between the YMCA and the Rec Center.

As you can see from the chart below, there is some overlap in the features, however the main differences are that while the YMCA has an outdoor pool and sauna, the Rec Center will not. On the other hand, the Rec Center has three basketball courts and will be 15,000 larger.

 YMCARec Center
Open StatusOpenSummer 19
PriceStudent – $32/mo Young Adult – $38/mo Adult -$51/mo Family – $88/moFree
Building Size30,000 sq ft45,000 sq ft
Indoor Walking TrackYesYes
Fitness CenterYesNo
Basketball Courts23
Outdoor PoolYesNo
Group ClassesYesYes
Locker RoomsYesYes
After School ProgramsYesYes
Summer CampYesYes

“You’ll notice that the rec center is not heavily focused on fitness as far as weightlifting goes, because we know in the community we have several private facilities that have gyms. So we try to concentrate on some of the things the greater community is not providing.” – Rodney Dickerson, Garner Town Manager

Both projects add great value to the town as places to gather, exercise, and socialize and we all look forward to the opening of the Rec Center this summer!

Garner YMCA – 2110 Aversboro Rd. Garner


Garner Rec Center – Corner of Main & Montague Streets (Downtown Garner)


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