Heather Harrell Krug

Heather Harrell Krug
  • Title:Buyer Specialist
  • Office:919.351.5065
  • Mobile:252.290.0808

About Agent

A few interesting things about me:


  • Have wanted to be a real estate agent since I was 8 when my parents bought their second house. (I got to have a lot of input. Surprise! I picked the lake house 🙂
  • Born and raised in NC and can’t imagine ever leaving!
  • I am in love with a mid century modern design aesthetic
  • Studied psychology at East Carolina University
  • I am drawn to a minimalist lifestyle for my 30’s
  • Was a cheerleader all through high school and am grateful to have retained an optimistic and positive spirit.
  • Married my high school sweetheart after dating for 9 years, and we just celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary.
  • We adore raising our 2 children together (Jack and Frankie) and are beyond thankful for their health and happiness every single day.
  • Love helping my husband with his home brewing hobby (mostly testing the finished product for quality assurance)
  • Favorite things: connecting with new people, sunshine on my face, motherhood, Max (our 12 yr old pit bull mix), and smiling for no reason and every reason at the same time.