Kristin Baumgart

Kristin Baumgart
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About Agent

Some fun facts about me!

  • Have been in real estate since 2010.
  • Was adopted at birth by my great aunt.
  • Grew up in San Diego. California girl at heart!
  • Have never traveled outside of the US — yet!!
  • Love camping and hiking. For my honeymoon, we went camping in the mountains of Colorado for a week with no running water!
  • Enjoy painting when time allows, and just finished my first house portrait for a recent home buyer.
  • Got married at Garden of the Gods in Colorado with only 7 people in attendance, all of which I hadn’t met until the day before the wedding!
  • Never thought I’d be “crunchy”, but somehow I’ve turned into a kombucha-making, succulent-growing, “no chemicals” type of person.
  • Totally completely love Bojangles and could eat it every. single. day.
  • One Sunday every month, my husband and I go to an assisted living community in Raleigh to hold a church service for the residents. We play music, my husband gives a message, and we take communion. We’re over 2 years in and it has really been a blessing!