Sellers Information

Selling a home is not something that you do every day. That’s why you need an experienced team to help guide you through the process. The Key Team is comprised of ten people, hand picked by Cassondra for their roles. Each is very talented at the tasks they perform, and together they are arguably the best team in the area (check out our Testimonials!) What’s the advantage of working with a team over an individual agent?

  1. While a Listing Specialist is meeting with you, the team is actively in motion receiving and following up on leads, outbound marketing, showing homes & activities that will sell your home quickly and for top dollar.
  2. You don’t get one of us, you get all of us. That’s 10x’s the effort to sell your home.
  3. Each team member focuses 100% of their on their specific role for the sale of your home. An individual agent would have 1/6th of their time to focus on that role, and to be good at each part. Teams = Success!
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